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Illegal Drug Possession in Mineral Wells, Texas

Drug Possession in Texas

The laws regarding the possession of drugs vary from state to state, and Texas is known for having some of the harshest drug possession laws in the country. In the small town of Mineral Wells, Texas many law breakers think it will be easier to get away with possessing illegal drugs whether for use or for sale. Those who want to stay on the right side of the law should make sure they are fully informed about drug possession laws.

Different Drug Classes

While drugs are federally recognized under a schedule class by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Texas has its own way of dividing different drug-related substances. Texas drug possession law identifies four penalty classes of drugs, aside from Marijuana, which has its own classification. Each of these four penalty groups have different punishments determined by the amount of the drug possessed.

How Penalties Are Assessed

In Mineral Wells, even a small amount of a drug can be considered a class B misdemeanor, while a large amount can be considered a felony. Past drug convictions, if any, can be one of the biggest influences in sentencing a current drug possession case. Prosecutors mostly consider the type and quantity of the drug, as well as other factors such as the intention of the person who is caught with the drugs.

Potential Defenses

Every drug case is treated differently, and there are certain factors that could lead to a lesser sentence. If a defendant did not know they were in possession of a drug, or if the drug turns out to not be in a sufficient quantity to be prosecuted, the situation can change. A good criminal defense lawyer who knows Texas drug laws will be able to determine if a lesser sentence is warranted in the case.

Avoiding a Harsh Sentence

It can be very complicated and stressful to face drug possession charges in Mineral Wells, Texas. But keep in mind that there are always steps the person accused can take to work toward a better outcome. Hiring an experienced legal team is probably the best way to get through a drug possession case rather than trying to fight it alone or through a public defender.

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